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Spamming your feed with this - doing #januaryrecordaday until I fail at it. Soz. Need to play catch up too - day 1 is Any Record, so I went for Futures by Jimmy Eat World. I adore this band anyway and the older I get the more sure I am that this is their best record. Nothing since has come close, and nothing before was so consistent. That I was so kindly gifted this by @wikisneedia as a moving present (along with others that will definitely show up) is a sweet bonus.

Timemachine, here I come.


The National - Massey Hall Toronto April 11 14’


GracelessI figured out how to be faithlessBut it will be a shame to waste thisYou can’t imagine how I hate thisGraceless

Henri Matisse (Fr. 1869-1954), Paysage, 1915, mine de plomb sur vélin, 28 x 21,8 cm, Paris, musée national d’Art moderne - Centre Georges Pompidou

by Ross Halfin

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